We rely on your support.

By making a donation, you are giving us a helpful hand in providing assistance and a safe space for the people in the community. We are a non-for-profit organisation, which means your donations keeps us running and allows us to continue giving to the community.



We invest money to directly support the people in our community in need of practical care and support, through emergency food parcels, counselling and referrals. 


Running Costs

We need money to pay our rent, utilities and our hardworking staff members.
It is their dedication to serve the community which keeps HPCC running.


Community Events

HPCC runs community events in partnership with other community groups. Your donations support these events, which bring life and energy to Harris Park! 


How it helps

We've seen over 30,000 people call Harris Park Community Centre home and we're keen to keep that number going! Get on board and support us as we grow our community here!


Help us as we support
Harris Park.