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Established in 2002, Harris Park Community Centre is a non-for-profit organisation, providing direct support
and assistance to the local community by offering information, advocacy and appropriate referral.
We want Harris Park to be a place where all people have access to programs and services relevant to their needs. 
We run programs for members of the community and partner with other local groups to do the same. 
Harris Park Community Centre is Managed by a Management Committee comprising of volunteers
who meet regularly on the last Wednesday of of the month from 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm. 
President                 Mahesh Trivedi
Vice President          Roohi Siddiqui
Secretary                 Marinela Mendes
Treasurer                 Michael Wright
Members                 Ian Macleod
                                 Maurice Serum
                                 Salwa Albaz
The Community Centre is run by the Manager, Patrick Louis Soosay, who is at the centre on a daily basis. His mission and vision ties in intricately with Harris Park Community Centre closely. He promises to be a breath of fresh air and he is ever adaptable and willing to listen and be available for anyone that comes through our doors. since joining the centre, he has brought about a positive and vibrant change. The Community Centre is once again lively and vibrant. 

We celebrate our unique multicultural community by providing a space to fulfil and share the values of

the local individuals and families.


We want to reduce the impact of isolation in our community. We strive to offer support, assistance and a listening ear to those in need around us. 


We love Harris Park and aim to be a central part of this community, a vibrant hub!


We promote cohesion between the individuals and families within the Harris Park and Rosehill community,

no matter who they are or where they come from.


We provide a safe-space for all within the community, a place to call home for all.