Terms & Conditions

  • Membership is open to all individuals who live, work, do voluntary work, study or have an interest in the Harris Park and Rosehill areas and accept the objects and rules of the Association.
  • Individuals wishing to become members of the Association shall apply to the Committee in writing on the form set out in Appendix One to these rules.
  • The Committee shall assess all applications for membership.
  • Members shall pay such fees as are determined by the Association at a general meeting. Currently $2.00
  • According to law, a confidential register of members shall be kept by the Association showing the name, address and date of commencement of membership for each member.  Provision for noting the date of cessation of membership shall also be contained in the register.
  • Membership shall cease upon resignation, expulsion or failure to pay outstanding membership fees within three months of the due date.
  • Membership fees shall fall due on the first day of each financial year of the Association.  The financial year of the Association shall run from July 1 to June 30 or such other period as determined by the Committee.
  • Financial hardship or incapacity to pay shall not bar a person from membership.



The members of the Association shall have no liability to contribute towards the payment of debts and liabilities of the Association or the costs, charges and expenses of the winding up of the Association except to the amount of any unpaid membership fees.